CP Electronics puts customers in control with streamlined company website

Posted: 02-03-2017

Building on the success of our previous website, CP Electronics has overhauled our company website to provide an even greater visually appealing, polished and professional user experience than ever before. This recent phase reflects our continued investment in innovation, quality and expertise.

As the UK leader in the design and manufacture of energy controls, CP Electronics took the decision to re-vamp our online presence to create a user friendly and fully mobile, feature packed tool that will benefit its customers.

Offering quick and easy access to essential information on products and services, the site presents users with rich online content that is easier to navigate than ever before. Technical information to support the company’s range is also simple to access. Combining functionality and ease of use, the new website provides an overview of CP Electronics’ comprehensive offering across a range of audiences, which can be further refined via the new intelligent search filter.

A full directory of CP’s global network of distributors is now available, allowing customers to identify the best stockist based on geographical location.

In addition, visitors can also stay up-to-date with current news on the company via the latest news and projects section, which features the latest announcements and press releases.

Mike Brooks, Marketing Manager at CP Electronics commented: “We have put a lot of work into developing our new website. The online resource showcases our acclaimed product range as well as richer content, providing a truly interactive user experience. Crucially, this is available via a range of devices, ensuring that information is always available when needed”.