RAPID is a fully addressable and networkable lighting control system and represents the apex of CP Electronics' product range in a high-end yet value packed system for today's intelligent buildings.

CP Electronics Rapid

The system is designed, implemented and commissioned by specialist CP Electronics commissioning engineers to ensure a trouble-free hand over. It is mechanically modular and programmable and adapts effortlessly to the evolving needs of a building space.

RAPID can be remotely or centrally configured to suit the end user. RAPID works with the main lighting control protocols such as DALI, DSI, Wireless, and RS232 for seamless communication between switching devices and other control peripherals. It also works with ELV.

RAPID Energy Measurement is a unique feature - its patented technology can measure the energy usage of a single luminaire or groups of luminaires. All energy measured is actual not a monitored average. Logged data is easily transported back to the front end PC via CAN or Ethernet backbone.